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I’m new to WordPress, as you can probably tell since I don’t have hundreds of posts or thousands of followers – yet.  (maybe one day!!! 🙂 )  One of my favorite parts of being on here, besides meeting so many amazing people, is reading the thoughts of so many amazing people and on occasion being given a good laugh by someone who tosses out a thought that maybe… just maybe…. they should have spent more time with before pushing it out in to the public eye.   Ah… who am I kidding?  I should probably spend more time with a decent amount of my own thoughts too, before I put them in print and share them with “the world”.           (like that one… “the world”… yeah more like the two or three people who might end up reading this LOL!  but again… maybe one day?? 🙂 )

Well, last night I read a post that was mainly about three different groups of people and how two of those groups really go after each other, a lot.  The writer belonged to the third group and was pointing out how stupid the two groups were for going after one another so much.  Then this person gave me a really really really awesome laugh when it was stated that:

“If either side would, for one minute, believe what we’re believing, maybe we could end this fighting.”

Um. Really?  Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t it end ALL wars and fights if we all believed exactly the same, thought the same exact thoughts?  Just saying….


Laughter is so good for us!

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