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On Sunday the church my family and I attend started a series titled “Life’s A Circus”.   It’s about how we, as Christians, need balance in our lives and what we can do to attain this balance.  There are several key areas that we’re to figure out how to best “juggle”.

One of these was in the area of our social life and the pastor’s wife suggested that Christians should have a “mentor”.  Someone that can help keep them in check or in balance in their daily  walk with the Lord. Someone wiser than them, that has already been there and done that and can share their experiences with you so you’re able to learn from them and maybe have slightly fewer “ut ohs” in life.  I happen to think that this is a GREAT idea!  The only problem is… Where does one go to get this Christian mentor? How is this done?

Before you all jump in to reply and tell me what a silly question that is and that I need look no further than that very church I attend let me say this – It isn’t always that simple.

If it is for you, then I’m thrilled for you!  But for some of us, it just isn’t easy at all.  Even though I’m not what most people would consider shy, I still find it hard to just walk up to random people and jump straight in to their lives.  Like – “Oh hi, hello, my name is ______. It sure is nice to meet ya and ya know… I’ve been interested in finding myself a mentor and since you appear to be older and therefore maybe wiser than myself… how about it?”  See… I’m thinking that might not go over too well.  Yeah?  And yes, we are involved in a “small group”, but they’re either our age, or younger, and aren’t exactly mentor material for us.

So, when you’re in a position like this – How does someone find a mentor?  Those of you that happen to run across this post and know about some other ways that obviously are escaping me, please do leave tips and suggestions on how to find a good Christian mentor that can share their hard earned wisdom.  Surely, I’m not alone in not being sure exactly how this is done 🙂

At least I hope I’m not the only person on the planet that’s clueless about how this is done…  cause that’d be a bit embarrassing.

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