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Future. Flying. Saucers  ( http://futureflyingsaucers.wordpress.com/  )   is one of my favorite blogs here on WordPress and I just had to share her blog post about Easter.  I love her honesty and courage in sharing her faith and pray that this post will be as much of a blessing to you and yours as it was to us.


I’m Sorry…My Kids Don’t Believe in the Easter Bunny..

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When many unbelievers hear the word “Christian” what do you think comes to their minds?  Someone that goes to church on Sundays and occasionally reads a Bible?  Someone who is sometimes nice, yet sometimes not, depending on their circumstances? Someone who is sometimes happy, yet sometimes isn’t, again depending on their circumstances?  Or maybe they think of someone who tries to tell them all the ways they need to change their lives for the better, yet is still someone who appears to be in some serious need of changing their own life?

James 1:22 (NLT) says: “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”

God wants you to be a DOER of the Word and not just someone who hears it on Sunday while you’re in church. The best way to show the love of Jesus Christ is by your own example; the way you live and share His abundant love with others.  We can tell people about Jesus and His love for them, but if we’re not living differently than the rest of the people they know, they won’t have any reason to listen.

Would you even consider hiring a mechanic if he’d only read a book about working on cars, or would you prefer that he have at least some experience at working on them?  I’m betting that you wouldn’t even consider taking just his advice, on matters relating to your car, if he’s only read the manual and hasn’t gotten some experience in working on them. 

People in the world need to see Christians who live differently than they do. They need to see us living what we try so hard to teach them. And they desperately need to see some proof that choosing to follow Jesus Christ WILL impact their lives in a powerful way. Unbelievers need to see us helping those who are in need, not just living a selfish life where our own needs always come first.

These changes don’t happen overnight, no. But changes DO happen in your life when you begin to actually practice what you preach and do what you hear in church on Sundays. The Holy Spirit will work within you and transform you, leaving evidence that He’s been at work inside you when you make the decision to truly become a doer of His Word. The Bible calls it fruit. And people NEED to see some serious fruit in those of us that call ourselves Christians.

People saying that they’re Christians yet acting as if they’re unbelievers is crushing the hope, that some people have, that maybe there is a savior for the world. It is causing untold amounts of people to decide that they want nothing to do with the hypocrisy and lies.

This is serious business. We need to stand up and do what we can to make a difference for those that are looking to us to see this change that we, as Christians, say is available through Christianity.  We need to live in a way that proves that we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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